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Original Music

Pickleback Shine released its first album Trouble On Ice in 2018 and features the critically acclaimed healing track, When The Morning Comes. Inspired from the tragic shooting at the Rt. 91 Music Festival on October 1st, 2017 in Las Vegas, this track has been recognized as the official healing song for those affected by this senseless act of evil. When The Morning Comes is featured in the award winning, documentary film Aftermath (2023). Additionally, Pickleback Shine's music has been played on the radio and is in the motion pictures Hurricane Bianca and Hurricane Bianca 2, From Russia With Hate soundtracks. 

Released in 2023, these two singles from Pickleback Shine's upcoming album are as diverse as any two tracks from the same band could be. Dark and moody, Hurricane evokes the struggles and triumphs of life on Lake Pontchartrain, LA.  Just Another Song has an upbeat, funky groove and is a goof on country song lyrical cliche's. 

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